Wallace McLean Limited have specialised in the insurance needs and requirements of Bodies Corporate, New Zealand wide, for more than 10 years. There are many things to consider which differ from standard domestic and commercial building insurance structure, due to the principal insurance policy being defined by the Section 135(1) of the Unit Titles Act 2010 ( PDF download).

A Body Corporate has a statutory responsibility to be insured in a specialised way which places particular obligations on the insurer as well as the Body Corporate;

  • The provided policy must reinstate the damage up to the sum insured which is defined in the reinstatement insurance valuation upon which the insurance is based.
  • All principal and accessory units and all common property must be insured by the Body Corporate unless all principal and accessory units in the Unit Plan are standalone units in which case the Body Corporate may by special resolution resolve that the individual owners may insure their principal and accessory units.
  • The Body Corporate remains responsible for insuring the common property

The principal insurance policy as defined by Section 135(1) of the Unit Titles Act 2010 requires a Body Corporate to “Insure and keep insured all buildings and other improvements on the land to their full insurable value.”

Additional Insurance Covers also provided as part of the body Corporate insurance package are;
Statutory Liability which provides for fines and legal defence costs arising out of unintentional breaches of each of the Resource Management Act, the Building Act and the Health and Safety in Employment Act.
Public liability insurance cover which protects the Body Corporate from any claim for loss sustained by a tradesman while working onsite, or injury to an owner or to a visitor as a result of some malfunction of common property, such as an accident in a lift or in the Body Corporate’s swimming pool or gymnasium.
Office Bearers Liability cover for the Chairperson and Committees administering your affairs.

Other Insurance covers that are of importance when tenanting your apartment are your Landlords Fixtures & Fittings, Landlords Contents and Loss of Rent Insurance. These are all available by visiting our Personal Insurance Portal.

Bodies Corporate
Bodies Corporate